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We believe jewellery is an expression of one self and is uniquely meaningful. At Romyli, we understand each and every jewellery piece is special and is a celebration of love, life and memories that connect us all as a community. Sustainably designed and made to last, our jewellery is made from the highest quality materials with you in mind.

ROMY.LI. is a result of a growing quest to live a more sustainable lifestyle. In seeking a conscious choice to live a more balanced lifestyle, This is reflected in our love for fashion and jewelry, one of the biggest impacting industries on the environment. As such, we are committed to ethically made and handcrafted dainty, long lasting feminine pieces for everyday wear.

As a Australian brand, we are constantly searching for more sustainable ways to create and package our designs. We strive to be 100% transparent in our journey and we look forward to sharing our journey with you. 

Much love,
Karen xx (Founder)